APP represents Klean Oil in Lebanon and Syria

With a wide network of industrial clients in Lebanon, Syria and the MENA and Gulf Countries, APP acquired a good reputation and established many partnerships with suppliers and institutions to represent them in the region.

One of the latest agreements is with Klean Oil, so that APP represents them in Lebanon and Syria to provide the same solutions for the following industries:

Power Generation
Best oil purification solutions for steam, gas, hydroelectric and wind turbines in the industry.


Power Transmission & Distribution
Vacuum insulating oil reconditioning systems are provided to ensure the safe operation of power and distribution transformers of various voltages.


To achieve dependable, long-term performance from gasoline, diesel or jet fuel powered engines, it’s essential that fuels be free of water and particulates.


Car engine oil recycling is not only money-saving, but also environmental friendly. It’s a good way to solve the raising waste motor oil disposal problem.


Gear and bearing need to be served in clean oils to stay efficiency. Our oil purifiers help to maintain good oil condition.


In primary metals production, the environment poses a number of challenges for your turbine driven hydraulic and stationary industrial equipment, we can help you face those challenges.


Pulp & Paper
The pulp and paper manufacturing process can be particularly taxing on turbine lubricants. We provide solutions that minimize the impact of high levels of moisture, heat and dirt that are inherent in the paper manufacturing process.


Customized Solutions
As a leader in oil water separation and filtration Klean Oil can extend the energy of your equipment, contact us to discuss engineering a solution for you!
We will keep you updated about our news and the feedback of our clients regarding these solutions.

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